Quiz: New or Used - What Should I Buy?

Buying a vehicle can be very exciting. However, not knowing what you want, or even need, can make for a really confusing buying experience. There are pros and cons to every individual vehicle, but it all comes down to what you value most. Let’s pretend you have narrowed it down to you make, model and even trim level. Now should you buy it brand spankin’ new, or maybe a few years older? Both decisions are legitimate, however either choice have a few advantages over the other. Want to know what would be best for you? Then check out the points listed below you will find a case made for both!
Buying New – The Benefits
1. Full Factory Warranty: With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, you are backed with a basic 3 year/60000 km warranty along with a 5 year/100000 powertrain warranty! Drive with confidence knowing that any potential factory defect is covered. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance, you have nothing to worry about!
2. New Car Smell: Mmmmmmmmm! There is nothing quite like real new car smell. 
3. Fresh Transmission: With today’s technology, most transmissions learn to your driving style. In a new vehicle, it has yet to learn any bad habits.
4. Latest Technology: Vehicles have come a long way in recent years. The difference in technology in just one year can be vast. There are cars now that run completely off of electricity, salt water, and even drive themselves! Now those technologies are not widely available for the public yet, but features that keep you safe on the roads have become quite common in 2015’s. Lane-Departure with Assist not only detects the lines on the road and warns you when you are drifting, it actually gives you a very slight nudge back on track. Adaptive cruise control is another amazing gizmo that matches the speed of the vehicle in front of you, so you no longer have to hit a whole bunch of buttons constantly while travelling on the highway.
5. Better Interest Rates: Prime banks tend to offer special rates on new vehicles, getting as low as 0.99% on some models. Keep in mind that 0% works a little bit different on longer terms. If you are being offered 0% it usually means you are not receiving a discount off the price.

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Buying Pre-Owned – The Benefits
1. Significantly Discounted – Anything that has even been slightly used and has had at least one previous owner is usually thousands of dollars cheaper than its new counterpart. If you don’t mind a few dings here and there, the discount is definitely worth it.
2. Extended Warranties – There is a plethora of warranties that you can purchase for a pre-owned vehicle. It is not just one size fits all, your needs are different than your neighbor’s. Speak with one of our business managers and they will help you select one that work’s best for you!
3. Balance of Factory Warranty – Not only can you get an extended warranty, but you will inherit whatever is left of the previous owner’s warranty!
4. Depreciation – Everyone knows that the first year of a vehicle’s life is where it sees its biggest depreciation, that is no secret. Wait a few years and skip that!
5. Broken In – A used vehicle has already been driven and is already in its rhythm! Think about it this way: is it easier to run a kilometer when you just wake up, or after you have been warmed up?

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Well hopefully this has helped you out a bit! Still not sure? Take the quiz below and find out what would be best for you!

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