Kill Boredom In Its Tracks With These 5 Awesome Board Games

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Tick-tock….tick-tock.... It’s freezing outside, the clouds and landscape have blended together with endless grey, the T.V. is playing ‘King of Queens’ repeats…again. You have all this time and absolutely nothing to do with it.  Your friends have all politely told you ‘I’m kinda busy, maybe next weekend?’, when really all they are doing is watching ‘King of Queens’ repeats…again. Woof.


Even writing that paragraph filled me with anxiety, fearing that experience of absolute boredom.  We have all been there before, and if you haven’t, well then tell me your secrets now! Actually, a few of you are probably experiencing it right now, hence why you have ended up reading this article! Have no fear, for there is a cure! A wonderful store here in Cold Lake opened up here last year: Arkane Angel.


Arkane Angel is your vaccine for the plight of boredom! Chris Lazemby, Owner, has stocked his shelves with a few of the most fantastic board games out there right now. Hasbro no longer owns the ‘Monopoly’ of the board game market (feel free to flame me in the comments for that). In the list below you will find 5 very different, but incredible games that not only will provide endless entertainment for you, your family and friends, but do not involve staring at a screen for hours on end.



1. Settlers of Catan

 500 × 375

This is the hallmark game of modern board games. When my friend introduced me to this, I rediscovered that competitive kid inside and as I caught on to the rules I realised there were so many strategies to be used, yet none being the ultimate. The goal is to have the biggest civilization (measured by Victory Points) before everyone else. You must strategically place your first few settlements, collect building materials and expand. This game requires a certain kind of diplomacy, as you will need to trade with your friends, and they with you in order to win. I can recommend this game to all ages above 12. 



2. Ticket to Ride


500 × 666


This game great for all ages. Your goal is to establish the longest running railway in the world. You receive points for owning certain sections, as well as achieving targeted lines that only you know about. Kids will enjoy the game’s competitive nature as well as learn geography that Risk would normally provide, without the backdrop of war. If you are new to contemporary board games, then this a great introduction.


3. Zombies!!!

500 × 666


Now this game was new to me, but boy does it ever look great. If you are a zombie movie buff then this is perfect you. Your goal: don’t die! You either have to get to the helipad without being eaten, or kill 25 zombies. Sometimes this game can take up to 2 hours so make sure you have a little bit of time on your hands.


4. Mice and Mystics

500 × 375


This is quite a cute, but interesting story driven game. You are one of four characters that has been turned into a mouse! You and your friends must escape the giant castle you find yourself in. This would be a perfect introduction into cooperative story games for you and your family.


5. Eldritch Horror

500 × 375

Now this game looks freaking cool! If you loved reading the likes of Poe and Lovecraft then this game will be the co-operative adventure you are looking for. You are not competing against your friends, but rather trying to save the world together from an evil entity called the Ancient One. There is so much lore packed into this game that it deserves its own article. All I can say is that if you love the creeping and dark horror stories that give you the chills rather than disgust you with blood and gore, then go and pick up your copy from Arkane Angel today!


Now Arkane Angel has 100s of board and card games, along with miniatures and so much more. If you are unsure of which kind of game you think you would like Chris and his team would love to sit down, get to know you and your needs, and help you pick the right game for you. Unsure you would like it, well you can play it before you buy! Arkane Angel has a play are that you can use, and if you love it, get it!


You can check out their website here:

Call them at (587) 201-5698 or just drop on by at 5510 50 Avenue in Cold Lake South, Alberta!


Happy gaming!



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