7 Sure Signs That You Can or Can’t Trust Your Salesperson


When it is time make an exciting new purchase there are a few steps we take. First you discover your need. Whether it be for an awesome vehicle or even a timesaving household appliance, something has occurred that has made you realise: ‘I need something better!’.


Maybe you would like to renew your vehicle warranty, or perhaps your family has a cute new member and you need just a little bit more space. You have done your research on the web, checked out a few dealerships and made your way there. It's time to meet your salesperson.


The next hour can go two possible ways: absolutely awful or freakin’ fantastic! With these few tips you can save a little time on deciding whether or not that this is a person you would like to do business with.


1. Are they a talker or a listener?


A talker basically bulldozes themselves through this encounter and does not leave you a chance to express yourself. Personally I would leave, or at the very least ask for someone else.


A listener only speaks when answering your questions, or when they want to get to know you and your needs. They might even be taking notes!


2. Preparation


A salesperson you can trust has everything easily ready for you. If you have been speaking with them over the phone or internet, they have the vehicle pulled up front for you, the test drive form already filled out and have all of their team ready and smiling. These people truly value your time, and want this to be one of the best buying experience you have had.


If none of this has been done after you have already identified which vehicle you were interested in, we would become a little unsure if this person truly values our time. Just to be sure always call in advance to let them know you will be arriving.


3.Understands your needs and addresses them


This ties into their listening skills. If they understand what you need, they won't be droning on and on about all the awards their vehicle has received, unless it is absolutely pertinent to you. A trustworthy salesperson is quick to know what can best fix the needs you identified and will present the solution you desire, and has fun with you while doing it!


4. Genuine interest in your life


If they are asking questions about you and your life they simply are viewing this as a way to connect. The right salesperson genuinely wants to hear your story, and they love to get to know and befriend you. If a salesperson can't even remember your name after the second time you have told them, chances are they do not view you as a person, but just another sale. Yes, the salesperson is there to sell something, but if they truly love their job it is because of the people they meet and the friends they make. It's not just a car you are buying, it is a friend you can confide in.


5. How do they answer your questions?

A trustworthy salesperson will give you the answer directly. If they start babbling in circles like a politician then chances are they are trying to avoid a truth. That would be a big red flag for us. However when they do not genuinely know something, a trustworthy salesperson will immediately respond that they are unsure and will find it out immediately for you.


6. Can they take "No"?


If you have explained yourself as to why you can't accept, and they understand why, they won't push it. It's about respect. Trustworthy salespeople can put themselves in your shoes and empathise with you. Sometimes they will address your concerns if it truly was based on error, however they will not push the issue hard. If for some reason the salesperson refuses to take no even after you have explained yourself tirelessly, we would leave. If you do however need some time to think, and they genuinely respect it, just remember that. Trust works both ways.


7. Do they keep in touch?


This is something no one can really predict. With an insincere salesperson, once the sale is done, you never once again hear from them. A salesperson that genuinely cares about you will continue to touch base with you to ensure that your needs continue to be met, and want to check in to see how your life is going. Understand though that time passes quickly and their lives change as well but they will inevitably give you a shout to see how their friend is doing! If you end up calling them with a question, and they help you out, a trustworthy salesperson will check back in a few days later to see if it worked out.


Now hopefully this will give you a little bit of insight into what kind of salespeople are out there. We assure you we strive for only the best, and sometimes mistakes are made, but a company that genuinely cares will do their darnedest to make it up to you.


If you want one of the good salespeople described above then please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-795-3576!


Hope to see you soon!

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