How Do I Get The Most For My Trade In? – 10 Easy Steps To Ensure You Don’t Get Screwed!

Navigating through the vehicle buying process can be exhausting, and ensuring that you receive a fair deal can be tricky when other parties are not playing by the same rules. One of the most common fears from my clients that I have encountered, day-to-day, is their trade-in value expectations. Now I am definitely not saying that we do not want to profit off your vehicle, as we most assuredly do. However, there is a fine line between profiting fairly, and outright taking advantage.

Luckily I get to work for an organisation that respects the community it is a part of, and actively sponsors many local events and charities in hopes to enrich Cold Lake and Bonnyville’s cultural events, and really make a positive difference for us all. This is why I get to share with you a few tips to ensure that you receive a fair deal on your trade in.


{C}1.       Service & Oil Change Records


{C}·         Surprisingly, not many people remember to bring this paperwork in, let alone keep it all. This proves that your old vehicle has been cared for, and that the chances of a major system going neglected have been nearly nullified! When something is appraised we have to assume the worst, otherwise we end up having a vehicle that has costed more than what it could sell at. Bring in those papers!



{C}2.       Extended Warranty, Service Contracts, Life and Disability Insurance


{C}·         Did you know that if you do not complete the entirety of your loan, you could qualify for a refund on the insurance you purchased? I know right? You could easily use that as a down payment. Also your extended warranties are HUGE. Pretend there might be something up with your transmission, well the dealership can easily claim that, so any issues that could potentially cost money, the dealership can not deduct as it is already paid for!


{C}3.       Wash Your Car


{C}·         Another thing that we hardly ever see. A mud encased vehicle can really be off putting to prospective buyers. It is the reason why we ensure our vehicles stay as clean as possible, even in this dusty city.


{C}4.       Bring Your Winter Tires


{C}·         A full set of winter tires reduce the cost of ownership on the next owner, providing them with a savings of up to $2000 - $3000! Dealerships can only accredit that if they can see their condition of course.


{C}5.       Rotate Your Tires Adequately


{C}·         A lot of people are guilty of not doing this, as am I. It is something so simple, but easy to procrastinate. This really cuts down on uneven wear depending on your driving. Replacing tires can be very expensive, and if they are below AMVIC standards, then it must be done before it can be sold.


{C}6.       Smoke? Ozone Your Interior


{C}·         Smoked in vehicles that still smell like smoke usually means only another smoker will buy it. This makes the chances of the vehicle sitting on our lot, rise. We have to accommodate for the future depreciation if this is case. Sometimes this can mean a few thousand dollars. Ozone treatment is some of the best out there, and it completely neutralises all odours, not just smoke.


{C}7.       Sort Out The Check Engine Light


{C}·         You are going to have to pay for it either way, whether through a deflated trade value, or out of pocket. Somethings you can easily sort out on your own. Get it cleared after as that little light sets off alarm bells in an appraisers mind!


{C}8.       Touch Up Your Rock Chips


{C}·         A thing of touch up paint costs under $20 easy. An appraiser will find all of them and note them. Rock chips can lead to rust, and if they can see them, the next owner definitely can. You can easily get your paint matched in our parts department.


{C}9.       Do Your Homework


{C}·         Compare your mileage with similar vehicles in your area. Keep in mind those are retail prices including tax, the dealership will have to sell your vehicle for a profit at those prices.


{C}10.   Use Our Canadian Blackbook App



{C}·         It is so easy to use, and if you are looking for a ballpark figure and don’t have the time to call in. No hold times, and immediate response. Just click here to start now! Remember though this is only a ballpark and not a guarantee. If you want to schedule an accurate appraiser just click here and we will get you an appointment that works for you!