Am I Cut to Own a Jeep? – The Dos and Don’ts of the Jeep Wave

Jeep People are awesome! Nothing makes us here at Cold Lake Chrysler happier but welcoming a new Jeeper into the Jeep family! However you should know that just like with family, there are a few particular rules you must know. The most important thing a new Jeeper must know about is “The Wave”. Read below to learn the ins and outs of their salute!

Definition: The Jeep Wave 

“An honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance (exception to 97 and newer Jeep owners) to own the ultimate vehicle - the Jeep. Generally consists of either a raised hand waving or 4 fingers extended upward from the steering wheel, but may be modified to suit circumstances and locally accepted etiquette.” –


The Rules:

 1. It is the responsibility of all Jeepers to memorise these rules.

 2.  When a Jeeper encounters a higher scoring Jeep, the Jeeper must initiate and continue the Wave until:

i)       The Wave is returned.

ii)             The Wave goes obviously ignored.

iii)            The higher scoring Jeep is out of sight.

 3.  If a waving Jeeper has a positive score you must return the Wave.

 4.If a waving Jeeper has a negative score, it is encouraged to help them understand why they have a negative score and how to bring it up to a respectable level.

 5.   “When in doubt, whip it out!”



The Heirarchy

 1.  Pre-CJ
580 × 326
30 Points

 2.Pre-AMC CJ
326 × 244
 27 Points

 3.    Other CJ
580 × 431
25 Points

580 × 435
20 Points

 5. YJ
580 × 435
16 Points

 6. TJ
580 × 435
 15 Points

 7.  }Original Cherokee and Wagoneer
580 × 435
10 Points

580 × 434
 7 Points

 9. All Other Jeeps
580 × 354
 5 Points

 10.  All other vehicles
580 × 386
 0 Points

Modifying Sub-Categories

 1.     Top off; everything and everyone is covered in mud – 30 points

 2.     Top partly off; vehicle and some people covered in mud – 20 points

 3.  Top on; vehicle covered in mud – 10 points

 4.    Top off in horrible weather – 5 points

 5.     A little dirty – 0 points

 6.   Recently washed - -10 points

 7.     Spotless - - 30 points

Parts & Mods


(Equipment Adjustments)


Stock, Pre-CJ, Working Condition: +2 
Stock, 8-cyl: +2 
Stock, 6-cyl: +1 
Stock, 4-cyl: 0 
Replaced, 8-cyl: +3 
Replaced, 6-cyl (replacing 4-cyl): +2 
Replaced, 6-cyl (replacing 6-cyl): 0 
Replaced, 6-cyl (replacing 8-cyl): -1 
Replaced, 4-cyl: -1

Drivetrain Modifications:

Improved internal mechanical parts (crank/cam/etc): +2 each 
Upgraded Transmission: NV4500 or Turbo400: +3, All others: +2 
Upgraded Transfer Case: +2 
Improved exterior mechanical parts (headers/manifolds/pumps/filters/etc): +1 each 
Stone stock in a pre-1970 vehicle: +3 (for nostalgia and historical analysis) 
All Comfort enhancements removed for more power: +2


Stock or unremarkable: 0 
Original Tires on Pre-CJ: +2 
Slightly oversized (up to 31"): +1 
Over 31, with other appropriate mods: +2 
Any size, currently covered with mud: +2 
Working tires > 31" with original donut spare: -2 
Low-profile: -10


Stock, Pre-CJ: +2 if driver can still walk after an hour in the saddle 
Body lift: +1/inch 
Suspension lift: +2/inch 
Spring-Over Lift: +3 
High-quality shocks: +2 
Lowered: -20

Other accessories/conditions:

Winch, heavy-duty, obviously used: +2 
Winch, heavy-duty, use unclear: +1 
Other winch, obviously used: +1 
Little, chrome-covered, toy winch: -1 
Lockers: +2 
Upgraded axles: +1 
Upgraded transfer case: +1 
Each chrome accessory currently shiny: -1 
Each neon accessory: -2 
Fire extinguishers: +1 
Block and Tackle, anchors, etc: +2 
Ropes, straps, tow chains: +1 
Tow Hooks: +1 
Nerf Bars/Rock Rails, used and scarred: +2 
Nerf Bars, shiny, no scars: -1 
Heavy duty bash/skid plates: +1 
Other protective plating (diamond plate, etc): +2 if scarred, -2 if unscarred 
Extra fuel tanks/oversize fuel tanks: +1 
External Gear Carrying Rack: +1 
Multi disc-CD Player: -1 
More than one subwoofer: -1 each 
First Aid Kit: +1 
Backpack, food, emergency gear (just in case): +2 
On-board air compressor: +1 
On-board Welder: +2 
Girly, shiny chrome center caps: -1 
Krylon home-made paint job: +1 (for realizing it's just going to happen again) 
Blackout Headlight Covers: -1 
Any little flippy interior vanity mirrors: -1 
Children in vehicle: +1/each (for proper training/indoctrination), +2 if muddy, an immediate correction if not belted in. 
EARNED trip stickers/badges/etc: +1/each 
Unearned stickers/badges/etc: -2/each 
Stickers advertising for other than 4wd-related businesses: -2 (except No Fear: -5) 
MSC 1 vehicle in corporate lot sharing with neighbor vehicles: +1 per vehicle decorated 
Correct mental attitude, seen or proven: +3 
Windshield down: +1 (+2 if raining/snowing) 
Bugs left on face/teeth as evidence of recent windshield down driving: +1 (+2 if more than a week old) 
CB radio or other communication tool (for emergency only): +1 
Hi-Lift Jack: +2 
Flexible caulking to fill leaks and body damage: +2 
Dogs as passengers, properly secured: +1 (sharing the joy of Jeeping) 
Bringing a new Jeeper into the Family: +5 
Extra Lighting, used for night-wheeling, not pastel or neon colored: +1/ea 
Homemade roll bar pads: +1 
Duct Tape currently in use: +1 per yard 
Duct Tape Reserve: +1 per roll 
Top on and windows up, warm day: -2 
Grenade Hood Ornament: +1 
P.A. - used to harass drivers of lesser vehicles: +1 
Storage boxes from solid steel or ammo cans: +1 
Waving while fighting the older Jeeps' natural urge to wander: +1 
Plastic headlight covers/accessories: -1 
Bra (on a Jeep - how could you??): -1 
Snorkel Gear (functional): +2

Battle Scars:

Mashed hood, top, etc., obviously from roll-over: +3 
Holes above glove box where passenger ripped grab-bar out: +3 
Heavily gouged rocker panels: +2 
Bloody seats: +2 
V-bent front bumper from being pulled out of that REALLY bad one: +2 
Scarred sides from those mis-judged rocks: +1 
Any small parking lot dent/scratch still identifiable: -1 
Other accessories bent, folded, mangled or mutilated: +1, EXCEPT: 
See above, but said item is owned by your spouse: +2 
No scars whatsoever: -3 (Unless Pre-CJ restored, then: +3) 
New body due to rust only: -5 (unless a rescue, see discussion below) 
New body due to damage: Previous damage points carry over (see discussion below) 
Fire Damage (bubbled paint, singed seats, etc): +2 
Limbs, Shrubs, etc attached well enough to remain at highway speed: +1/each 
Any rescue in the Jeep's past requiring the use of snowmobiles: +1 
Any rescue in the Jeep's past requiring the use of boats: +2 
Any rescue in the Jeep's past requiring the use of tracked vehicles: +2 
Scars on the driver - MUST be Jeep-related, may require proof: +1 
Each Jeep Rescue performed: +1


We can’t really help you with the battle scars, however we can help you pick out the perfect addition your Jeep needs. Head over to now to get started!


Don’t have a Jeep? Don’t worry we got you covered if you head over to right meow!


So now that you know, get out there, and get dirty!


Remember, if in doubt, whip it out!


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