Your Ultimate Spring Prep Checklist – Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready?

Spring has sprung! Summer is just around the corner and guess what that means? Vacation time! So whether you are just planning a quick day trip down to Edmonton or a cross-country gallivant, there are a few things that you must go over to ensure it all doesn’t end in disaster. A simple quick inspection is the difference between the best summer you have ever had or a National Lampoon’s film.

First up, check everything on the outside! Do a walk around of your car nice and slowly. Take a peek at your wiper blades: are they soft and pliable, or are they cracked and separating? If cracked then replace them! After that test out all your lights; this can be quicker if you have a friend checking with you. Make note of any burnt out bulbs and replace them. Finally, check your tire pressure. If they are overfilled then the centres of your tires will wear prematurely and you will skid frequently due to less tread contact to the pavement. If underinflated you will notice sloppy handling and the outsides will wear faster as well.

Next up, open up your hood. Check your fluid levels: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid,  radiator coolant, windshield washer fluid and diesel exhaust fluid (usually by your gas cap, and level described in vehicle). Top up whatever is necessary! Then steer your attention over to the belts and hoses. Make sure they all fit, they aren’t leaking and for any brittleness. Ensure that all the clamps are secure and see how soft the hoses are in their elbows. Once your hoses are fine, make sure all your belts are aligned and check for any signs of cracking.

Now everyone’s favourite amenity in the summer months: Air-conditioning! Test to see how quickly it takes to cool down. If it is reasonable then you are golden, however if it takes forever or just not at all it might be time for a recharge. You can get that done here.

Once you have everything nice and cool, check out your battery. Check for corrosive build up (white fuzz around posts). If you are looking to clean that up be careful, your trip might end before it even starts. Make sure to remove the battery safely, before you clean it. Baking soda and water makes an excellent cleaning solution. It might be best to use gloves as well considering it is battery acid you are cleaning.

Now that we have the outside and under the hood all cleared up its time to get dirty. We need to check under the vehicle for leaks. We do have a separate blog for the details on all the different kinds of leaks that you can find by clicking here!

Listen for exhaust leaks now! Even if one slight noise is questionable come and get it tested. The gases that escape are deadly and these mishaps happen all the time.

Also, it may be time to switch over your winter tires to summers! Luckily for you we offer free tire storage for all tire swaps done here! Head over here now to book yours in today!

Now that everything has been tweaked to perfection your vehicle is ready for an adventure! If you need any help with this inspection or maintenance, do not hesitate to ask for our help! We want this summer to be one for scrapbooks!

See you soon!


Cold Lake Chrysler Road Trip Checklist

Personal Items



□   Soap

□   Deodorant

□   Glasses or contact lenses

□   Toothbrush and toothpaste

□   Medications

□   Comfortable clothing

□   Comfortable shoes

□   Passport (if necessary)

□   Sunglasses

□   Umbrella



Food Items



□   Collapsible cooler

□   Freezer packs to keep food cold

□   Plenty of water

□   Energy bars/trail mix

□   Fruit

□   Caffeinated beverages or energy drinks

□   Paper products

□   Garbage bags



Entertainment Items



□   CDs or music player

□   Headphones or earbuds

□   Smartphone or handheld game system

□   Playing cards

□   Portable DVD player or laptop computer

□   Outdoor toys (e.g. frisbee or soccer ball)

□   Camera/journal to record memories

□   Chargers/converters



Health and Safety Items



□   Sunscreen

□   Insect repellant

□   First aid kit

□   Disinfectant wipes



Navigational Items



□   Paper maps or atlas

□   GPS unit/compass

□   Smartphone with GPS capability

□   Preprinted directions for your route

Sleeping Items



□   Tent

□   Sleeping bag

□   Pillow

□   Blanket

□   Sleep mask

□   Noise machine



Emergency Items



□   Flares

□   Flashlight and extra batteries

□   Rope or duct tape

□   Jumper cables

□   Spare tire

□   Motor oil

□   Spare keys

□   Tools

□   Knife

□   Emergency phone numbers