Wiper Blades....What's the Deal?

Ok so seriously what is the deal with wiper blades and why are there so many kinds out there?? Well I guess that could be said about anything really, there are so many different kinds of tires, wipers...oh washer fluid. How do you know you are getting the right thing or getting taken for a ride? Ha ha ha see what I did there!!
Very good question and we could talk for days about all of the items listed above, but today we are talking wipers.

So being new to the dealership and not knowing a ton about Cars, Trucks, SUV's, etc...every day I am learning and every day I ask more and more questions. My co workers are probably getting annoyed.
But we have some very knowledgeable people here at Cold Lake Chrysler that I just want to tap all their brains so that the information flows right to mine. But that is weird... so... I will just continue asking the questions.

Today's question to the Parts Guys......what is the difference between Winter Wiper Blades and Summer Wiper Blades?

Answer.....well I am not sure I should repeat it...lol. No but seriously, I learned that the Winter Wiper Blades are labeled as such, and have a protective rubber coating on the blade that once that wears the wiper is done. I learned that labeling them "WINTER" is a way to make more money from consumers because you don't actually need said "WINTER" wipers. 

So of course I am going to promote what we sell here but honestly this information would be great to use no matter where you buy your wipers.
I was told that the best Winter Friendly All Seasons Wiper Blade that we carry is Mopar's Beam Blade, the reason so links and the diagram has more info

750 × 500
Also if you are not sure if you need to replace your wipers, because you know we all wait for them to break or disappear before we even thing about them, check out the diagram below.
750 × 500
Remember Great Wiper Blades are a very important....no a necessity.. really to drive safely and ensure you can see during inclement weather. 
If you would like more information about what we have available please visit our website or contact the Parts Department. 

Hope your Monday has been great!!
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