Chrysler 300 Places Safety As Top Priority

Some things in life are predictable. Others are not, like the actions of other drivers. When the road ahead suddenly changes, the Chrysler 300 has advanced technology to keep you safe. This is only one reason why the 300 is one of the most popular full-size luxury class cars on the market.

The advanced cruise control system will patrol the road ahead to watch for changes. If the car in front of you suddenly slows down, it will spring into action with a warning to let you know. It will even put on the brakes and bring the car to a full stop if necessary. The LaneSense lane keeping technology works in a similar way and will help you get back in lane if you happen to drift over the line.

The Chrysler 300 has advanced technology that will work like an extra pair of eyes. Stop by and experience this unique system at Cold Lake Chrysler today.



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